Available Finishes

Plated Finish

A selection range of product is available in plated finishes such as Polish Brass, Bright Lacquer, Bright Gold Lacquer, Stain Lacquer, Stain Gold Lacquer, Brass Antique Lacquer, Copper Antique Lacquer, Antique Brinze (Oil Rubbed), Bright Chrome, Stain Chrome, Steel Stain Lacquer, For larger requirement, we can offer finishing in other finishes including powder coated colours. When selecting a finish it is important that climatic conditions and usage be taken into consideration as some finishes are susceptible to deterioration as a result of exposure to corrosive vapors, coastal air, humidity, salt spray, steam, pollution etc. For these reasons plated finishes cannot be guaranteed nor replaced.

Protective Coating : Disclaimer

The protective coatings, such as clear lacquer, where originally intented to give self lift to the fittings. Modern imporived lacquer give protection for long time during use, But subjected to deteroration and discoloration depending on the atmosphere to which fittings are exposed. As opposed to commonly used "Air Drying" Lacquer, we use Electro-Platting & Electro Phoretic lacquering process. However, Sea/air pollution, perfumes, soap and dump atmosphere may effect any lacquer, with the finish on the outdoor fitting will last much less than that on indoor fittings. Discoloration and Deterioration in finish we should be viewed not as defect, but rather a normal and unavoidable process. lacquer coating can not, therefore, be guaranteed not claims accepted in the regard. Damaged caused to metal finishes by acids whilst cleaning brick works, etc. Or by paints solvants and chemicals while painting door etc. can be readily identified as such. We cannot warrant claims where that has occured. Please ensure that fittings are adequately protected during construction it is recommended that door fittings be moved prior to the application of paints. vanish or other forms or protective coatings to door and surrounding areas.

Protective Coating Maintenance

The life of lacquer may be extended by regular application of a premium quality wax polish. We strongly recommend sensible maintenance or lacquer thinners, and item re-lacquering, all traces of old lacquer must be first removed with acetone or lacquer thinners, and items re-lacquering, all re-lacquered with clear lacquers. Avoid use of caustic strippers which may corrode brass.


We provide a 5-year warranty against mechanical defects for our entire of fittings used for domestic applications for the reasons mentioned above, this warranty obviously cannot be extended to lacquering and finishes.


We seek to improve continuously. We reserve the right to make product modifications, Please check on current product design and specifications prior to purchase.


All measurements indicate maximum dimensions, Unless otherwise mentioned, all dimensions are shown in millimeters. As items are hand-finished, sizes may vary Slightly.

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