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Axerio Architectural Fittings

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40 years of legacy

We are profitable resilient enterprise commited for continuous improvement and growth by providing solutions to market needs while maintaining the adaptability to market trends and condition.

With the experience of 40 years company has promoted the new brand with full range of brass hardware which shows the sizeable manufacturer in this industry, where we are standing with in house facilities of casting, extrusion, forgings, die casting, milling-drilling-turning with semi and fully automatic machines, CNC's, VMC's, surface polishing & buffing, electro-planting process, quality control equipments, tool rooms,press shop,etc...

The Team of Axerio Architectural Fitting, is very well skilled and focused at all the level of manufacturing and finishing under the sincere, workaholic and user friendly management

Work Process

How We Work

The range of our products extends from stylish brass hardware,door accessories,window fittings,cabinet-ware,and assorted fittings,but the best product we can offer you is the confidence,if ever you thought of being enamored of brass hardwares,they are all here...

Our Vision

Our Vision is creating innovative design is the vital factor of Architectural hardware Fitting. Company's capability to distinguish and stay abreast of evolving market trends that meet with customer's requirement, allows it to enhance its market share with existing buyers and develop new customers. Additionally the ability to add value to the design or design ideas. which the customers bring to company, helps company to develop strong relationship with these customers and further strengthen competitive positive vis-a-vis competitors.

Marketing directly

Marketing directly to corporate houses, builder institutional buyers Company has set-up a seprate full-flagged marketing department to produce orders & contracts. The marketing department is headed by one of the Promoter-Director, Mr. Munish Shah, The Company Follows dual marketing strateg. Company's major sales are through direct marketing by the company's own Sales personnel. Companys's Marketing personnel approach directly to large end users which include corporate houses, institutional Buyers, Builders, architects etc. Company's major focus is on this direct marketing, which helps it in understanding the customers needs, trends, taste & flavor. Company has long-term relations with the direct end users, which enhances the brand value.


Proposal to establish own chain of stores The wholesale market of company's products compises of dealers & distributors who stock company;s products for distribution to ultimate consumers & at the retail level, it comprises of households & other retail customers. While primarily company market its products through its network of dealers & distributors, it proposes to enter into the retail market for our products by establishing its own chain of stores, which will exclusively market its products.

Timely Delivery

Timely delivery Meeting customer deadlines on a regular basis is crucial for success of company's business. Activities involved during construction are time bound & any delay in meeting deadlines results in consequential losses, which may affect company's sales & customer loyalty. To ensure timely deliveries, company always plans its schedules well in advance.

Future Plan

The future prospects of Company appear better considering the boom in the construction sector. Company has been expanding production base by undertaking periodical expansion & has become a sizeable player in the Hardware Industry.

We are confident that Our Website will ensure increased sales &
prosperity for us all & affirm the profitable relationship we already enjoy.

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